Thursday, October 16, 2008

What really happened in Massachusetts

A few people have commented about the story mentioned in my previous blog about the parents who objected to what was being taught there kids. Here is their story.


Robert said...

Wow. That's crazy. Thanks for posting it.

Evan said...

I really have never understood this subject, and this video has made me baffled.

1. It obviously relies on tugging at the heart strings.
2. Things aren't presented fairly. I have trouble believing that man got arrested for simply standing up for his opinion. I also would like to read what this book really says... I am willing to bet that in no where in it it states that some kids have "gay" or "homosexual" parents. It's probably described in a different manner.
3. We don't live in a society with cookie-cutter families. Some kids have single parents... more and more are going to have parents of the same-sex, whether or not Prop 8 passes. Kids can't help what kind of family they are born into... I think it is perfectly fine to describe different kinds of families for obvious reasons.

I do agree that right now, parents should have the right to opt out of such discussions, but I don't think it should be taken away completely. Kids who are born in these alternative families have a right to hear about what their family consists of as well.