Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lies and scare tactics? I don't think so

Yesterday's campaign finance report from the No on Proposition 8 campaign is startling.

The California Teacher's Association donated $1 million to the campaign. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars already pumped in to the campaign by the CTA in the last few months.

Opponents of Proposition 8 claim that it's all lies when we warn that your children will be indoctrinated about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. They claim that you'll be able to opt your child out of class when same-sex marriage is taught or discussed. But we know that the judiciary is actively promoting the homosexual agenda by their overturning Proposition 22 this year. And case law shows that parents are losing their rights as well.

Last week the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of a father in Massachusetts who tried to opt his kindergarten child out of a classroom discussion about homosexuality. A lower court ruled that parents had no right to be notified when such discussions take place, nor will the children be allowed to opt out of the class.

If this is happening in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal, it will happen in California.

With the help of the powerful CTA the homosexual agenda will be pushed in every classroom. Parents will be helpless to protect their children-because the government and judiciary have banned them from doing so!

These are not lies, or scare tactics-this is the truth because it's already happening.


Sean said...

Just a thought... Gay people are people too! I think that parents should recognize this and not worry about schools teaching their children about same-sex marriage. Kids learn a lot of things at school that aren't necessarily the best for them but it is the job of the parents to correct that. Schools aren't meant to teach morals... they are meant to teach about the world and worldly aspects.

Christa Jeanne said...

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emily said...

but right now, schools can't teach that same gender unions are a type of marriage.

i don't think kids should be learning this in school. not about marriage at least. and definitely not when they are in kindergarten.

it comes down to morality here. i don't see homosexual behavior as moral. i want to be very careful about my children's exposure to it. I don't hate gays, I'm definitely not a bigot. I just disagree.

so if you don't see an issue with morality, then you are going to probably vote no on 8. to me that is you imposing your morality on me. which is why we are voting. to decide as a state what we think about this issue.

also, the Massachusetts situation proves that parents won't be notified because it isn't practical. another reason to vote yes on prop 8.

Momma Hope said...

I really don't believe a civil union such as in a gay companionship should be called a marriage. I feel gays should be proud of who they are and give there life long commitment to one another its own identification. Maybe give this honor a name something like "civil union". Marriage is defined as Man and Woman. Why do gays need to hide behind what someone else has built and design? This way all laws, which apparently are not being influenced by this, as we know them will still stand for what they are. New topics being offered in schools, at a reasonable age, all parents’ rights will still apply. So let’s legalize "Civil Union" and write their laws and guidelines. And allow them to be treated in the manners they want. As far fetch sounds, think of it from our prospective. Marriage is and the family structure is all we want to keep too. Most of us have work so long and so hard to keep this unity strong. Give “US” that love our accomplishments and dedication a break. Please!

pff said...

I am just a mother sending out why I am supporting Prop 8 (YES) because I really feel like my voice isn’t being heard. Please send this on if you agree or disagree. I felt this needed to be written because I just woke up from a dream where my daughter was pretending to get married to another girl.

In our family we have both gay and lesbian family members who have both been in long loving committed relationships. They are very close to our hearts and our love for them is unconditional. I am religious and would love to see the word “marriage” be protected due to my religion and civil union be used instead for gay and lesbian marriage. Afterall, there are some major differences in who is getting married, right. Even though I do care deeply about protecting the word “marriage” my main concern is about teaching gay marriage to my children.

I believe that being gay or lesbian is caused by something happening in the womb during a mothers pregnancy, but I also believe there are those who choose the lifestyle too. Whether it is someone who was emotionally scarred as a young child which does seem to be a trend with young girls and rape, or just has been in one rock bottom relationship to another. I’m not saying all girls who are raped are lesbian or all lesbians were raped as children. So please don’t look to deeply at my last sentence. There are many reasons why someone may choose to be gay or lesbian or even dabble in it for a while and then continue to live a straight life again.

We should be teaching tolerance, not gay marriage and the ages this teaching starts at is way too young. If you think a 5-9 year old truly understands their parents’ relationship do you honestly think they are going to understand one of the same sex? I honestly don’t think so. All they know is they have a mommy and daddy and that is it! All it will create is confusion. I really don’t know the best age to start this education of tolerance but I just know teaching gay marriage to k-3rd grade is way too early and shouldn’t even be considered until a child knows who they are. Kids play “make believe.” Will I expect to come home and see my daughter play wedding day with her little “girl friend” or play house under the same terms? I don’t want someone or schools playing with my children’s heads and confusing them. How will we know if this child is actually showing signs that they were born gay or lesbian versus them playing out what they see in school? I do think there could be little signs as a young child may express early on if they are gay or lesbian but they don’t fully understand that either. If any of my children woke up and told me they were gay or lesbian I would love them no different. But now, I have to question as a parent what is causing them to act this way or make believe like this. Young children are impressionable and we have to protect their innocence. How do I know that by teaching young children about gay marriage that we aren’t opening a door for more children to choose to be gay or lesbian…I tell you this, I don’t want my child to be an experiment! Like I said, I don’t understand why we don’t teach tolerance and don’t understand why this can’t be taught later in a child’s life when they KNOW who they are and understand a little about relationships. When will someone look out for my child and their innocence in all this.

It appears to me that most people against prop 8 are those with grown children and no longer need to worry about the impact of education in this matter, people without children, and family members of gay or lesbian people. If you have grown adults for children or older children who already know who they are, you are lucky. I’m sure most of you wanted or dreamed of having your children grow up to have a relationship like yours. Not saying you wouldn’t love your child any different but if your child came to you and said I am gay or lesbian that you wouldn’t be saddened a little. Usually the sadness seems to come from what you thought life would be for your children and now it will be much different. Why then would you want to add different scenarios for those of us who have young children that will be exposed to different lifestyles way to young? Please just consider this and how you would feel if your children were young. If you don’t have children and chose not to have children, just please wear our shoes just for a few minutes and what our concerns are. My children come first and I want to make sure I make GREAT decisions for THEM because no one else will!

Saying No to Prop 8 allows teaching of same sex marriage in schools to young, impressionable children. If this prop doesn’t pass you all know we will see something come back similar for same sex relationships. Again, I wish it was called civil union, which would still have all the same rights as marriage, but I want something written specifically where tolerance is only taught and not gay marriage at an appropriate age. Please stand together and don’t turn our children into experiments. Can’t we meet somewhere in the middle?