Monday, August 20, 2007

The Lord knows his stuff, a Sunday Mircle

I had a really awesome expirence that I wanted to share with the group. This happened on Sunday.

A few weeks ago Evergeen sent out this notice about a new CD that they had put out and wanted to get all over the place. I thought about this and ordered four. One for myself and two for two friends and my bishop.

The thing was I wasn't really sure how to get it to my bishop or what kind of conversation I could come up with to broach the topic. He already know about me struggles. I was "outed" a two years ago when I had discovered a young man who was struggling and needed support. He was about to fall when I found him, he had got involved with the wrong yahoo group and had met some "affirming" friends.

Anyways in convincing him that he wasn't a sinner and it was the act and not the action, I also told him that if he had anything he needed to fix he should talk to his parents and bishop. He took my advice but at the same time he also told them about me. They panicked called the stake president about the "old internet stalker" and I got called into my bishops office. My bishop was loving and compassionate and soon found out that my intentions were pure and called the kids bishop and said that he was really upset with the things that the stake president had said they had said and that I was someone that could be trusted and that he trusted me and had already asked me to befriend several guys in the ward who were also having issues. He then told me to be careful, that he would defend me against any attacks and that he knew I was doing my best.

That was the last he said of it. That was two years ago. Anyways back to this Sunday. I was walking out of the chapel. The disks in my pocket when the executive secretary came over and said, "the bishop wants to talk to you."

I go in his office and he asks me to sit down and offer a prayer. I'm sorta scared at this point, it had taken me a very long year to convince him that I wasn't a good activities coordinator and I didn't want another go at it. I finish and he looks down on his papers and hand me this little blue booklet.

Yep, the new pamphlet. He then tells me that he thinks I may be the only one in the ward who really understands what these brothers and sisters are going through. Would I read it and meet with him and explain it to him. He thinks there are some needs in the ward and he wants to be able to understand. He said he prayed about this and felt like he should ask me to read it. I smiled at him and told him that I already had read it and had shared it with some friends and if he wanted an electronic version of it and the interview I could forward it to him. He said, "I thought you might already be up on this." Then he asked me if I knew of any other resources he could use.

WOW!!!! This was one of those air leaves the room moments. I must have given him the oddest look because he jumped back and then ask what was wrong. I smiled.

Okay, I've heard of God finding ways to bless you with what you want. But I've never had it happen this way before.

I said, "Yeah, actually I have a disk and a brochure I want to give you."

He thanked me and said he was going to read it. He said "you know I felt like you would have something for me." I was still almost at loss for words.

Oh yeah, the rest of the interview, I didn't get away without a new calling. He also asked me how the job search was going and if I needed some money. I told him well and no not yet. I left feeling really loved.

You know its great to know that the Lord really is in charge of His stuff. We may try to make it hard for ourselves, but it's times like this that I know he is really in charge and that I just have to have faith because as long as it's His will that is done all is well.


gentlefriend said...

What a blessing to have a compassionate, trusting bishop as you have! I wish all Church leaders were like him. I have sat in enough stake bishop's meetings to know that they are not, but I see more and more through education and experience (some within their own families) leaders are treating those with SGA with compassion and trust.

Some Like It Hot said...

Sounds like you havea good Bishop.