Sunday, September 2, 2007

His work and His Glory and My apology

I started blogging think it would be a good outlet for myself to express myself. Then I started venturing into other blogs, mostly those in the Northern Lights site. After a while I was finding it wasn't having a positive effect on me and all I was doing was contending and defending the faith so to speak against people who I would probably otherwise really like but who are struggling to find a way to be faithful and still feel they are themselves. What I'm posting today is mostly a letter in response to a friend who wrote a letter to leave the church after years of struggling.

I have stepped back a few weeks and not posted anything because to be honest I don't think contending with varying opinions what is true and what is false in regards to the gospel isn't helping any one, and if anything is only frustrating and causing further contention. I wasn't feeling the spirit, in fact I was just amazed how many people thought so many different things about something that we do have a clear standard of truth about.

My friend wrote:

....that my desire in life is not to gain the greatest blessing, but to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.....

I think what would make God the most happy and would lead to his own complete happiness is knowing that all his children want and accepts the greatest blessings that he has to offer, the way a parent wants their children to gain those things. Nothing I think causes him greater grief then when one of his children rejects his gifts.

His work and his Glory is to bring to pass the exhalation and eternal life of men. We say he's perfect in that he is complete, but I wonder if he ever will be completely until he has finished "His work and His glory."

I don't dispute personal revelation but i still maintain it is given to help us find our own individual way of gaining this glory that is his work.

And perhaps maybe some of us won't get married or be attracted to girls in this life. But is it worth canceling our blessing and our sealings to your parents and throwing away everything because we feel we can't accept a part of it. Our leaders are just teaching what they have been inspired to teach about what is "His work and His Glory."

Yes find other ways to serve him. Be faithful, do your best. Be open to change if it is to happen. Change isn't bad. Its how we grow. But I do know that we will be blessed as much for our effort as we are for our accomplishment. In the temple we are endowed that through our faithfulness we will be MADE worthy. Not by anything we can do alone. Like the atonement, we can't do it alone.

Last week we studied in Sunday school the Athens and how the philosophers spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing. (Acts 17:21) They turned to logic and what made sense to them. What they lost was the fact that they were "the offspring of God" and that as children of God their roles are the same as God. Paul taught them that when we understand God's nature we understand our own. Paul didn't try to reason with them, he just bore a powerful testimony of the Love of God. They felt it and while it didn't make sense or was logical, they felt it inside and were converted.

Just stay close to what you can. Be faithful to what you can. You don't have to go all or nothing now.

I know that for those of us struggling this is a lot like what Abraham had to endure when he was asked to offer up Issac. We are being ask to give something up that we feel is part of us, that we do love that we do feel is real. But I do have faith that if we do take our Issac's up to the alter that the Lord will provide us a lamb. Is it cruel of the Lord to test us this way? Well when compared to what he wants to reward us with maybe he has to in order to see if we are strong enough for what he wants to give us. Maybe thats the real reason we are being tested.

I'm sorry if I've ever said anything that upset you or anyone else here. I only did so in love and not to contend with you. I hope you understand that. If I really didn't care or thought you were pointless or not worthy of friendship I would have walked away. I know you are just trying to make since of something that doesn't make sense. I know cause I've been there to.

Sometimes I think we don't write what we want. We write what we feel and instead of reacting we need to listen. We need to listen between the lines and not react to the words. We need to react to the feeling and not to the thoughts. Sometimes we lash out when we are hurt and sometimes we do just need to love.

Sometimes its not a matter of being right or wrong. Its a matter of feeling loved and accepted. And loving and accepting those who do struggle with one thing or another. As a church and people I think we need to work on the second part of that much much more.


Beck said...

I think this is a great post! This is what is so amazing about this community. This is what makes it great!

Thank you for your voice. Please don't go away. Be heard. Just speak what makes sense to you.

This situation is confusing and frustrating for many of us. We need to be accepting of each other. Some of us don't have many outsiders to lean on. We need each other.

Though I don't know you very well, that doesn't change the fact that I need you!

Latter-gay-saint said...

I really liked the part of your post about Abraham and Isaac. That really hit home to me. Thank you.

GeckoMan said...

Thanks Crow for speaking your truth. I really agree with your voice here:

"Sometimes its not a matter of being right or wrong. Its a matter of feeling loved and accepted."

We basically do what we individually feel is right for our circumstances, whether or not people agree with it. Friends or peers will have the most positive effect upon us when they speak their truth in non-condemning terms, even if they voice dissent.

We have much to learn from each other's experience and viewpoints. We allow ourselves to be taught or inspired by others only when we feel loved and accepted. Regardless, we still must choose for ourselves the unique path that either climbs or slides according to our will and conscience.

playasinmar said...

Love and acceptance are great things. Each is worth giving to all we meet.

Personally, I've always found it odd that the blogosphere is mostly ehugs and happiness. Most of the topics we discuss tend to be of grave importance and hard questions can't be answered with an ehug.

I, for one, welcome friendly sparring matches. If you're not sure where you can drop the pleasantries and throw down --> feel free to visit my blog. It's a Free Speech Zone.