Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prop 8: The Personal Stuff

I posted some info, now I'm going to post the personal stuff.

I don't think that the Prop 8 items distract from the gospel whatsoever. The gospel is true but it means very little unless its put into action.

The Prophet has asked us to do everything in our power to help with this. So for me this is just me exercising the things that I've been taught within the confides of the gospel. This is about protecting marriage and about protecting families. I've prayed about this, and I feel that its what the Lord has asked me to do through his prophet. It is supported by the Family Proclamation and everything that we hold sacred about families.

This isn't an attack on me or anyone who struggles with same gender attraction who is trying to stay faithful to the gospel. This is about a few people trying to redefine what is basic in society.

As for people saying ignorant things, do you mean people who are legitimately misinformed or people who disagree with me? Sometimes I find that term ignorant to be used more in the latter sense.

To be honest I have found that it has provided us with an opportunity to really educate those in the church about why we believe its a sin and dispels some silly and really ignorant ideas. Its helped members know that it is possible to struggle with same gender attraction and be a faithful, temple recommended holding Latter-day Saint, its made people stop and rethink why they think the way they have, and its provided a way for Latter-day Saints to get involved with other like minded Christians to help do the same about our various faiths.


Superstar said...

Gay relationships have never harmed any families I know.

Divorce has.

The church needs to make a clear they want divorce to be illegal again if they choose to have any credibility in the "family values" debate.

How much time and money will you donate to see that happen, Jer?

Sean said...

The thing is that it is more than just a "few" people trying to get married. A lot of people want to have the same rights as a heterosexual couple that they do not get because they aren't married. I do not see anything wrong with this. They are not trying to destroy the family and I believe that they should have the same rights as everyone. They should also have their agency to choose who they want to marry. Nobody should deny them of this. My belief is that the only rights that should be denied by society are those that hurt others--gay marriage doesn't hurt others.