Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet

All this week as I prayed about this whole Prop 8 situation, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is how grateful I am for my testimony in the gospel and the church. Over and over the words of the hymn "We Thank The O God For a Prophet" has filled my mind when I was feeling low. I don't have to go searching for the path to follow, if I listen the Holy Ghost confirms truth to me.

It is so true and it wraps up this whole situation.

"We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet, To Guide Us in These Latter-day."

That really is what a Prophet does, if we heed his guidance he does "lighten our minds with its rays."

He is not only the Prophet for the church but for the world. His message is that of the Savior Jesus Christ. When he and the First Presidency speaks as the First Presidency you can have faith its under the direction of the Holy Ghost. And its what God would have them say.

When I read of the things that these people are working for, I know that as Pres Monson said, "Without him we won't be successful, with him we can't fail." I think of the last words of that hymn. "While they who reject his glad message will never such happiness know." These are the same people who as the hymns say "Fight against Zion," who "will surly be smitten at last."

Now I'm not happy about this, some of these people are good friends of mine. I mourn that they are lost. I hope they will make the choice to come back. But I can't let my friendship with them prevent me from standing for what's right and I won't change what I believe just to make them happy or feel good about themselves.

Now I know that gay marriage may very well be legal soon. Even if it does go against the mind and will of God. The world is full of things that are wicked and "legal."

Abortion is legal and that also is a wicked thing. But I do know that as long as I do my best to stand for whats right I will be blessed for it. As the hymn says "When dark clouds of trouble hang over us and threaten our peace to destroy, There is hope smiling brightly before us and we know that deliverance is neigh."

So that is why I "Thank Thee O God For a Prophet." Because I don't have to be confused. Because I know which side is the Lords side. It's the side that the Prophet is on. When he asked me to help support Prop 8, as the Prophet, I know it was the same as God asking me to. I have faith in that. I have a testimony of that.

I don't think I follow blindly, but I also don't need to prove him time after time. However again "We doubt not the Lord nor His Blessings, we've proved him in day's that are past." The truth here is that because I know I don't have to doubt. I can move past this and as the song says "Thus on to eternal progression, the honest and faithful will go."

In someways this is like the whole pioneer deal. The journey to the west wasn't easy. It was deadly for some. When they got to the Salt Lake Valley it wasn't the most welcoming place either. But they had faith and they persevered and they made the desert blossom like a rose. We can choose to be like those brave pioneers who moved forward in faith amid some of the worst hardships and yes SSA is just that. Or we can allow that challenge to define us and shade every choice and decision in our life and influence our relationship with God and the Spirit. I choose to to be the one who makes that choice, I'm not a prisoner to my challenges.

I do "Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet."


Evan said...

Wow, Jerry. You should consider sharing this on North Star.

Ell said...

hey, thank you for this. I've been having some problems lately and that last line really gave me something to think about.

Keaton said...

Crows Nest...I wish it were just that simple. I'd like you to consider several things. First the prophet is also a man who like us all has weaknesses. The Lord will not force this issue on President Monson, until President Monson brings it to the Lord. Another point. It is immoral to expect anyone to take this journey of life alone without the loving companionship that lifts us to greater heights. Next, we have as a church not made a place for our gay brother and sisters at the table of Christ. Until we have the courage to do so, we are unchristian. Lastly, we have not made a significant attempt to give our young brothers and sisters the tools necessary to survive the personal anguish of SSA. It is shameful that young people suffer fearfully in the closet with no hope or future in the church. This pain is real and haunting and as we know leads to serious choices. It is rather pathetic when suicide is that choice. Lets reach out and not cloak ourselves with selfrightiousness.