Monday, November 3, 2008

No on 8 ad shows Mormon Missionaries as home invaders

File this under can they sink any lower?

After months of accusing the Yes on 8 people of using "so called scare tactics" it looks like our tolerant friends have shown their true colors. This ad will appear in CA in the Morning.

It is true that the Church has joined a broad-based coalition in defense of traditional marriage. Church spokesman Scott Trotter said in response to this hateful attack "While we feel this is important to all of society, we have always emphasized that respect be given to those who feel differently on this issue. It is unfortunate that some who oppose this proposition have not given the Church this same courtesy."

I hope that you will join us today and show that we won't stand for this kind of stuff in California. We will send a message that judges can't overturn our votes. Please Vote YES on Prop 8.


Andy said...

Wow. My roommate and I just had a discussion on this today and we feel somewhat differently on the issue. It was weird because he was almost supportive of the commercial while, as I watch it, I can't help but feel attacked by this group. Like you said, it's interesting that the very group claiming to be attacked is launching a very direct, very strong attack. Amazing.

Evan said...

Crow, we all know this is a stupid ad, and a large majority of the No On 8 people would agree. Just because we have a stance that you see invalid does not mean we all are cool with this video.

Yes on 8 has done just as much crap as the No on 8 side... so this video should just tell people that there are immature people out there in the world.

Anonymous said...

just remember it goes both ways
I'm not going to argue with you and today we will see the results

ksl proves this with 530 comments and counting...